Air conditioning is a bit like the heating or lights – you use them automatically and you don’t always think about maintenance until something goes wrong.  But with air con, a breakdown can be a major problem, especially if the system cools equipment like servers or ensures a comfortable working environment.  While maintenance can’t guarantee a breakdown won’t occur, it is always worth adding to your calendar.  Here’s why.

Ensure the system runs at peak efficiency

Like any piece of equipment, air con systems work best when they have been maintained.  Think of your car after a service – it runs smoothly, those little niggly problems are usually gone, and fuel efficiency is top notch.  You will see something similar with air conditioning systems after maintenance.

A properly maintained system will cost less to run than one with loads of little problems and inefficiencies.  So, while it does cost money to have maintenance, it could also save you money on the overall efficiency of the system – and this can mount up in the warmer months!

Reduces the chance of a breakdown

Now there’s no way to guarantee that a maintained air conditioning system won’t break down between maintenance visits – any expert will tell you that.  But figures show that systems which receive regular maintenance are less likely to break down than those that don’t receive it.

This is because maintenance is aimed at replacing and repairing the most common problems within the system – these are the things most likely to go wrong.  By having them regularly serviced or replaced, you reduce the odds of a breakdown.  It also means if there are bigger problems brewing, the technician can spot them and talk to you about taking early action to deal with them.

Lengthen the lifespan of the system

Just like servicing your boiler can extend its lifespan, maintaining your air con system can ensure it lasts the longest time.  No-one wants to replace things like air conditioning systems unless they have to as it can be a substantial outgoing.  Maintenance may be an expense, but it is much smaller and helps to get as many years out of the system as possible.

Improved air quality

It is easy to forget the air con system, up there doing its job.  But if the quality of the air it produces drops, then you will notice it quickly.  Maintenance can help reduce the chance of this happening by cleaning many of the key parts such as the filters – these are prone to accumulating dust and this means less purification of the air passing through.

An important service

It is true that air conditioning maintenance is another expense onto your already long list of expenses, but it is one worth putting money aside for.  By ensuring the system works efficiently, you can save money on utility bills.  It can head off those common problems and decrease the chance of a breakdown while ensuring that the system produces the best quality air possible.  So that’s why you should never ignore maintenance on your air con system!