Commercial air conditioning or refrigeration units very rarely fail when they are well maintained. The main question you need to ask yourself if you have an air conditioning unit installed in your premises is – what is the cost of you air conditioning unit failing?

Commercial air conditioning units need maintenance, just like every other piece of equipment or appliance used, it needs to be included in regular maintenance and be updated when required or adapted as needs change.

The cost of emergency repair in addition to the cost to your business of the air con or refrigeration units failing is always going to be more than a pre-planned maintenance plan.

Commercial Air Con Maintenance

It of course may not just be the ventilation that you temperature control. Fridges, walk-in coolers, and blast chillers may be at the heart of your business so you need to be confident that they are working in tip top condition at all times.

Commercial businesses like restaurants, pubs and clubs rely on either pre-booked customers or passing trade and if the air con or refrigerators were to fail then this could cause the restaurant to close for a period of time and also any food stock may spoil until the problem was fixed. Hotels have a similar problem as their food and drink offerings would be substantially reduces and if there was an air con problem in the hotel they would have a lot of unhappy guests.

Some businesses must close immediately if their air con is not working (care homes for example) so having well maintained systems is essential to the day to day running of that business.

What is Air Conditioner and Heating Maintenance?

Maintenance simply means a regular check on your units, this enables any small wear and tear items to be repaired or replaces immediate along with any minor repairs to ensure they do not become large repairs that then cause the air conditioner to fail.

Regular HVAC maintenance checks lead to more efficient and smoother running system. If maintenance is neglected, then the following problems could occur:

  • Inconsistencies in the heating or cooling of the building
  • More frequent and more expensive repairs.
  • An inefficient system causes higher energy bills.

Benefits of Air Conditioner and Heating Maintenance

Planning to maintain your HVAC units is the best way to ensure consistent uninterrupted temperatures when you need them. The last thing you want is to discover your air conditioning has a problem on the morning of a London heat wave or an unexpected cold snap. Regular maintenance has advantages including:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Identifying small problems before they become major catastrophes
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Increasing the lifespan of your units

Climatezone are experts in fitting, maintaining, replacing and repairing HVAC units across London. For a discussion on creating a maintenance plan for your commercial premises call us today.