If there’s one business that really does require good air conditioning, it’s the modern gym. The effect of people pounding away on treadmills and cycling machines, hitting the weights or taking part in an aerobic session all combine to add a lot of heat to the surrounding air.

If you are planning to update your gym or you’re moving into new premises, paying attention to the air conditioning will make a huge difference to the comfort of your members.

Improving the Climate for Your Gym Customers

Air conditioning is not just about getting a good flow that clears the air. Modern systems allow you to control both the air quality and the temperature. Creating a cooler gym also means that your fitness fans are likely to improve their sessions and come back for more.

Getting too hot in the gym leaves you dehydrated and that can have a big impact on performance. Air conditioning gives you the opportunity to maintain optimal temperatures throughout the year, keeping things cooler in the summer and slightly warmer in the winter.

Humidity is Key in a Gym Environment

It’s not just the temperature that can be an issue in busy gyms. A lot depends on the space you offer but with everyone sweating heavily the humidity can also be a big issue, even if the temperature is controlled.

Modern air conditioning systems are able to take out that moist air and replace it with fresh, ensuring the atmosphere doesn’t become too heavy at your busiest times. This doesn’t mean you end up making it too cold in your gym either – the latest dry modes give you a high degree of control over the environment and temperature and it can be adjusted as and when required.

Air Quality and Your Gym

When people first step into your gym, the one thing they will notice is the air quality. Closed rooms where individuals are exercising in relatively large numbers quickly become stale. Making sure that air is filtered and replaced is extremely important in exercise areas and changing rooms.

Air conditioning systems not only help you regulate the humidity, they also allow you to remove dust and particles as well as prevent bacteria from becoming a problem. It’s relatively easy to change the filters on your AC which means you always have the facility to offer customers an environment that is clean and fresh.

Saving on Costs

Switching to a new air conditioning system for your gym has the potential to save you money on heating bills in the long term. A HVAC that is tailored to your gym premises, whether it’s for a new build or an older property, can perform up to 80% more efficiently than, for example, traditional gas central heating. It’s also a system that can be more closely controlled during the summer and winter months.

Creating the right atmosphere in your gym is hugely important if you want to attract regular members and be successful. Customers may not notice when your HVAC is on, but they’ll certainly be aware of the air quality is poor or the gym is just too warm or cold.