There are lots of different air conditioning systems but of them all, ducted air con is known as both the most versatile and the one that makes the least noise.  This makes it an ideal system for everything from open plan offices, shops, restaurants and other large spaces as well as for homes.  They offer a practical way to heat and cool larger spaces that other types of air con cannot manage.

What is ducted air con?

Ducted air con systems work by having a central unit which cools the air then sends it around the home via ducts placed in the different rooms.  It is also available to heat the rooms in winter as well as to cool them.  The main unit is usually located in the ceiling, under the floor or sometimes outside the property, depending on the layout.

By fitting the system with inverters, it makes them very energy efficient as they can maintain a constant temperature.  They do this by operating at the speed required rather than turning on and off, which is the way that air con works without inverters.

Why choose ducted air con?

Ducted air con systems stand alone in their ability to create a stable and consistent temperature in the building.  You can also zone the air conditioning, so the systems work in specific rooms if there are areas that aren’t commonly used.

Unlike many systems, these setups are also very visually unobtrusive because the only element on show in the room is the duct – everything else is hidden out of sight.  This means no large, awkward looking unit sitting in a room or dominating a space.  Yet they are easy to access for maintenance and repairs.

Finally, the systems are designed customised to the home or property in question.  This means every system is unique and is made for the needs of the property and the occupants.  This creates a highly efficient and easy to use system for commercial and domestic properties.

Where can it be used?

Ducted air con can be added to a property after it is constructed, known as retrofitting but is often best installed as the building process is taking place or during a renovation.  This allows the architects involved to ensure there is the right space is kept for the air con unit and that the ducts are placed in the various rooms.

These systems are suitable for use in a number of different locations.  They are popular in commercial buildings that have an open plan layout as normal air con units struggle to manage the bigger space.  They are used in offices restaurants and shops to name a few.

Homes are also suitable spaces to use ducted air conditioning.  And because these systems are so energy efficient, the government has even lowered the VAT payment on them, so they cost less.  There are lots of different systems that look great in the rooms of your home and can almost blend in while providing the heating and cooling you need.