Keeping all the staff, customers and guests within any commercial space is important, not only for a regulatory point of view but also because it keeps your workforce motivated and encourages your guests or customers to stay and spend time in your commercial space.

Office Spaces

Being able to manage the temperature throughout your office, office block or office complex has become almost expected (and legislated for) because it helps you staff become more productive. If you need a new air conditioning and heating system in your commercial offices then we can advise on the best and most effective way to heat and cool the areas you need. Whether you need to control some offices independently, so staff can set their own levels or need to create a consistent temperature across large open office spaces our advice will be invaluable to ensure you get the solutions that best fit your space and your requirements.

Retail Stores

Shops need to be at the perfect temperature not only for staff (to ensure their comfort and productivity) but also so customers enjoy their time in the shop and spend money. Providing respite from the temperature outside, either cool from the summer heat or warm to avoid the winter snow gives an added incentive for customers to choose your store to send their time and money in. While many people may only think of commercial air conditioning as a cooling device they actually can act as heaters too. Our experience in delivering the right products for the right commercial spaces is second to none so you know you are getting the best possible systems for the size and requirements of your space.

Public Buildings

Large government offices, hospitals, school, colleges, libraries and a whole range of other public buildings need their heating and cooling systems to work as well as they can. Some buildings will be old and need our specialist knowledge as to how best to ensure consistent air conditioning throughout the space. The air conditioning in public buildings must be affordable and value for money (as we do for every contract) we can explain and provide options for how to heat and cool most effectively the space that you have.

Specialist Spaces

Sometimes the business dictates the temperature needs, and we have the experience you need to create any type of specialist temperatures within a business premises. Commercial kitchens could fall into this area as they will have to be cooled in a different manner from the rest of the restaurant or hotel. We have worked with a huge range of commercial spaces over the years including specialist spaces like the Ice Bar, which by its very nature needs to be kept much cooler than any other type of bar!

Commercial Air Conditioning London

Whatever your commercial premises needs we can help, contact us for a free site survey today and we can create a bespoke solution that best fits your commercial environment.