Air conditioning systems are a must-have part of any commercial kitchen, both to make them a pleasant place to work and to comply with regulations.  They are a big part of health and safety and to make sure that safe working temperatures can be created for employees.  But over time, these systems can wear due to constant use and repairs may not be the best option.  Instead, it may be time to overhaul your kitchen air con system.

Checking the main components

The first thing that any air conditioning expert will look at is the main components in use around the kitchen.  Do they work as required or has the demands of the kitchen changed since they were installed?  Is there a newer design or product that might work better?

Canopy hoods are a great example.  They are usually designed to hand inside edges hanging over cooking equipment so they can grab the contaminated air rising from pots and pans.  The aim is to move the hot air at the source and prevent it from moving around the room, making the rest of the room warmer than it should be.

The key to a good canopy hood is the extraction system inside it.  These include filters that stop the build-up of grease or other particulate matter.  This ensures the system works efficiently.  But if these don’t work properly, then an overhaul may be needed.  Or the location of the sources of heat may have moved since the original installation and their location is no longer ideal.

Is more air conditioning needed?

Another big part of overhauling your system is to look at what is needed and what might have to be added to the current system.  Every kitchen should have a bespoke system that perfectly matches with its need but often, installations are done on a standard system that doesn’t always do this.

The role of the modern air-con expert is to assess the needs of the kitchen and see if there are different or additional components required to meet the current standards and best practices.  That might mean things like repairing fans or replacing cooker hoods, upgrading kitchen extraction ventilation systems and commercial covering.

All systems need to comply with the relevant regulations, and this is a big part of any overhaul.  This applies to cleaning work done to components that are remaining in place and TR19 ensured cleaning quality gauges are used to judge this.

Checking the ongoing use

The job doesn’t finish with the installation of the new components for us.  We like to ensure that all of the components work together as desired, to ensure the kitchen runs smoothly and staff are working in a comfortable environment.

Therefore, we also include the ongoing maintenance that most systems recommend as part of our service.  We can arrange to visit the property outside of busy times to ensure the system is working properly and carry out the maintenance needed to keep it going that way – extending the lifespan of all of the aircon components.