Providing customers with great facilities is key for all parts of the hospitality industry. While you may think part of this is all about keeping hotel guests cool during those hot, sticky days, the truth is a little more complicated.

Good air conditioning helps maintain a constant, comfortable atmosphere at all times, even during the winter. That means you don’t have to worry whether guest or too hot or too cold.

There’s no doubt that customers have become more discerning over the last couple of decades ago. We now tend to know what we want and don’t sit and suffer in silence. We’re quick to complain if things don’t meet our expectations.

Having air conditioning installed throughout your hotel property will make a huge difference to comfort levels, not just for customers but also for the staff working there.

Here we take a closer look at the main reasons for having a good air conditioning system installed:

  1. Setting Your Hotel Apart from the Competition

Whether your hotel is in the heart of a city, town, out on the coast or in the country, competition with other businesses is always going to be keen. If you want your hotel to stand out and be the first choice for visitors, the first thing you want is to create a good impression.

Rooms that are too hot or too cold, dining areas that are draughty or a bar that is a little too stuffy can all contribute to a poor customer experience. Air conditioning isn’t just about regulating temperatures, it’s vital if you want to maintain good air quality.

The truth is that air conditioning is something that guests probably won’t notice when it’s in place and working properly. It’s the absence of a good quality system that often leads to a poor experience and, unfortunately, bad reviews.

  1. Reduce the Potential for Complaints

There’s much more scope for complaints nowadays, especially in the hotel and wider hospitality industry. If a customer has a bad experience, it takes just a few seconds to go online and complain on a review site like Trip Advisor.

Air conditioning throughout your hotel makes sure that rooms and other locations are kept at that happy medium with a steady temperature and excellent air quality.

  1. Make Your Guests Comfortable at all Times

Comfort is important in the hotel industry perhaps more than any other business sector. If you don’t want staff fielding complaints about rooms that are stuffy or chilly, then an air conditioning system is going to an important addition to your infrastructure.

Not only that, an air con system will help maintain temperatures more efficiently, potentially saving your business money on utility bills.

Where to Install Air Conditioning in Your Hotel

The main area that air conditioning is going to help deliver a comfortable experience for guests is individual rooms. You should, however, look at installing it for all major facilities in your property including receptions, dining areas and bars.

It’s no good having a great reputation for food in your restaurant, for example, if customers are sweating from the heat of the nearby kitchen on a hot summers’ day.

Setting your hotel business apart from the competition is vital. With consumers searching for more value for money and expecting superior services as standard when they book a room, ensuring that you create the right atmosphere in the first place is vital.

Air conditioning allows you to do just that and, hopefully, you can even improve your review ratings at the same time. For advice on the best air conditioning systems for your hotel contact the experts at Climatezone today.