There’s no doubt that modern retail has huge challenges to meet, especially with more and more people shopping online nowadays. Whereas many e-commerce companies need only worry about their digital persona, bricks and mortar stores must make an effort to create a welcoming and relaxing environment for customers.

Retail Air Conditioning

Key to success is how much time someone spends in a store browsing. The longer a business can hold the consumer’s attention, the more likely they are to buy.

It’s not just about enticing sales, big offers and displays, though these are important. The atmosphere you create is vital. Temperature and air quality can actually have a significant impact on buying behaviour and getting it right can be a challenge.

Having a high-quality air conditioning unit installed for your store will come with significant benefits, including increasing the dwell time of customers. Whether it’s the height of summer or the depths of winter, you’ll be able to ensure you maintain a stable ecosystem that is both comfortable and pleasant for your average customer.

Air Conditioning in Summer

We had a pretty hot summer last year with prolonged periods where the temperature was into the late 20s and early 30s. Walking into a store that is just as hot and stuffy as outside is not pleasant. Consumers are less likely to spend time browsing if they are feeling uncomfortable.

A good air conditioning system will ensure that they benefit from a relatively cool environment. It might even bring your customers in from the hot streets outside if they know you have great air con installed. Many factors can change the temperature of your store. If you have windows facing the sun, for example, it can create a greenhouse effect at certain times of the day.

Air Conditioning in Winter

It’s not just the summer, however, where you need to maintain a balanced atmosphere in your store. If it’s a bitterly cold day, you’ll want the temperature to be comfortable without being stifling as soon as someone walks through the door.

Air conditioning and heat and ventilation systems, in general, are a lot superior to traditional heating such as radiators particularly when it comes to stores. They also take less time to warm a store up and can be a lot more efficient.

Air Conditioning and Staff Morale

Poor temperatures in store will not only affect your customers but staff as well. If staff are too hot, they can get lethargic and may not be in the best of moods to help. Too cold and they could be more concerned with staying warm rather than stocking shelves or improving sales by engaging with customers.

Good air conditioning also ensures that the air is circulated healthily which is important if you are spending all day in store as an employee.  You can regulate the temperature and air flow to a high degree with modern air con systems which means the atmosphere can be changed to provide maximum comfort for your staff and customers. For expert advice on air conditioning in your retail space contact Climate Zone today.