Maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature in an office full of busy people can sometimes be a challenge.  But it is also important to having a productive workplace and ensuring it is a great place for business visitors to meet you.

The key to creating this comfortable environment is to have the right air conditioning in place but what are the options and how do you make an informed choice?

Office Air Conditioning

Installing air conditioning is about more than popping a unit in the ceiling and calling it done.  It is a case of designing the solution to perfectly suit the needs of the building and all the different rooms within that space. The expert team at Climate Zone will consider the shape and layout of the office, ensuring that all areas receive a balanced flow of warm and cold air and ensure you know which products are most appropriate for the office you have and the way you work.  No-one wants to sit in an office where one half is too hot while the other is too cold!

That’s why an air conditioning survey is usually the first part of having a system designed and installed.  This will look at the building as a whole and the different parts to then move on to look at the different options available.

Wall Mounted Air Con

One of the most popular types of air conditioning unit for offices is the wall mounted type. They are a cost-effective way to heat and cool the office and can be easily retrofitted to any office, often without the need even for decoration.  The units themselves are long and thin, placed at a high point on the wall so are relatively unobtrusive.

A single unit can cool a room typically with one to six people while larger spaces would be best with multiple units placed in strategic locations.  They are virtually silent so there’s no background noise to distract staff or cause problems on phone calls.

Ceiling mounted cassette units

Another popular option is the ceiling mounted ‘cassette’ unit.  These cost a little more than wall mounted units but can be almost entirely hidden into a suspended ceiling to create a more aesthetically pleasing option.  All you see in most cases is the fascia panel which is almost flush with the ceiling.

These units offer a four way airflow that makes them perfect for larger offices with multiple areas.  Some models have individually controlled louvres so you can ensure the air flows where you need it.  It does need a false ceiling in order to be installed.

Ducted Air Conditioning Units

The third popular option is a ducted air con system.  These are the most expensive but also the least visually present as they use ductwork and internal units that hide under a suspended ceiling.  Only small grilles are visible in the office.

The main issue with ducted units is that they need to be installed when the building is being constructed or renovated if there’s no suspended ceiling.  However, if there is one, they can be retrofitted to most offices.  There are even a variety of grill styles to use.

Air Con in Offices

Businesses need to make sure they are operating at maximum efficiency, this includes ensuring the people who work in offices are comfortable and able to work well. Air con, especially in London is essential to keeping offices properly heated and cooled to help workers complete their tasks to the best of their ability. Climate Zone are air conditioning specialist who can create the perfect balance of form and function within your office to meet your business needs.