If you’ve ever gone to a supermarket or sat in your car just to enjoy the air conditioning during a heatwave, you may have considered air conditioning for the home. During the summer months, air conditioning can be a real asset – especially at night during a heatwave.

You may be surprised to see there are a few options available to you, at a variety of price points. If you want to keep your home cool, have a read through our guide to air conditioning for the home – there may be a solution that suits you.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

Portable air conditioning units are great for occasional use. They come in two basic types. Evaporative coolers use less energy, but require a supply of dry air, and a system to ventilate the moist air from the other side of the room. This isn’t necessarily the best choice for the UK, as our humidity levels are high.

Refrigerant-based cooling is much more efficient, but it does cost more to run – it takes a lot of power to use them.

The obvious advantage of a portable air conditioning unit is that it can be moved from room to room and stored away during the winter months. It also involves little-to-no upheaval to install. However, they can be noisy, expensive, and need to be ventilated.

Domestic Air Conditioning Units

For domestic air conditioning, you can expect to see an outdoor unit containing a fan which is connected via pipes to an indoor unit. You’ll then have a few options for inside units – these come in different shapes and sizes depending on where you want it.

You can get several types of domestic air conditioning systems:

  • Single room air conditioners are designed for one room
  • Split-air conditioners have two or more indoor units. They will either be all on, or all off – you can’t control them individually
  • The multi-split air conditioner can have up to eight indoor units that can be individually controlled

The advantages of domestic air conditioning units are how versatile they are – you can build a system that fits your home perfectly. They run a little more quietly and discreetly than portable units. However, it involves more of an upheaval to install them, and they’re more expensive initially.

Air-to-Air Systems

This is technically a heating system, with the option of reversing the system in the summer months to cool the air instead of heating it. It’s an efficient system that costs less to run than other types, and it isn’t too bad in terms of upheaval. They’re really good for rooms that are only used occasionally.

Climatezone are experts in installing all types of air conditioning, and will advise which is the best, most efficient and cost-effective solution for your home. Talk to their expert team today for advice and install your home air conditioning system soon!