Here in the UK, we love to complain about the weather and while Londoners may not see some of the extremes seen in other parts of the country, things can still vary greatly from one day to another.  That’s why there are more homes than ever that have air conditioning in them in the capital.  In fact, here are 10 reasons why Londoners love air con in their homes.

  1. Consistent temperature

There’s nothing worse than being freezing one day and boiling the next as the weather bounces up and down the thermometer.  But the installation of air con can ensure you have a consistent temperature and don’t need to fall victim to that fluctuating mercury.

  1. Makes the property more valuable

Estate agents now say that London properties with air con are more valuable than those without it.  So, if you have it in your home or apartment and your neighbour doesn’t, guess who is more likely to sell their home first?  Or make a bigger profit?

  1. No disruption to the home

People are put off air con because of the disruption while it is being installed but this isn’t the case with modern systems.  They take about a day to be install and are easy to retrofit, meaning there’s minimal disruption.  They are also smart and sleek looking to blend in with your furniture and décor.

  1. Internal units

Another concern is that there are big, ugly units on the outside of the property that might get you into trouble but again, modern systems are completely internal and there’s no need for an outside component.

  1. Eases allergy problems

For anyone suffering from allergies such as hay fever or a dust allergy, air con is their friend.  The ability to circulate the air, remove impurities and excess humidity can help remove allergens and make the home more comfortable.

  1. Improves sleep

The combination of removing those allergens, keeping a balanced temperature and stopping overheating while in bed can all add up to a better night’s sleep.  And who doesn’t want more of those?

  1. Cuts back on heat-related illnesses

As things warm up in the summer, heat-related illnesses can become a problem.  Air conditioning is the best way to help manage these and keep an even temperature, no matter how warm it gets.

  1. Increase productivity

If you work from home at all, then air con can improve your productivity by making for a balanced and comfortable temperature.  In fact, studies have shown it can improve productivity by up to one quarter.  Optimal work at home temperature is around 21 degrees.

  1. Comprehensive warranties

When you choose a good quality system from a professional installer, you will get a comprehensive warranty with the system, usually 5 years for parts and labour as well as planned maintenance and even emergency call outs.  This means you can be confident there will be no problems that will cost you anything for this duration.

  1. Latest technology

Finally, a new system will bring all of the benefits of the latest technology including energy efficiency, compact internal systems and the ability to fit to any property.